maggi-fusian-padthaiMy noodles are cold and so is this billboard.

Maggi Fusian Pad Thai noodles billboard was spotted recently. What does think?

This is a reasonable billboard, but not great. It’s almost like this billboard has been lifted from some internet advertising banner, and whilst it will work well on a webpage, the medium of outdoor advertising¬† requires a different approach. Outdoor advertising must contend with many different degrees of distractions, so a billboard must at the least be effective enough to gain the attention of people passing by and then be understood.

Yes, close up this billboard looks impressive, witty and colourful…but remember, its job is to sell the product. Does it do that? I think it’s too cerebral and complex for outdoor advertising and a simpler approach would have been more effective.

Key aspects:

  • Ties in with Maggi’s ‘Fists of Fusian’ promotion.
  • Good use of colour and certainly catches the eye from a distance.
  • The words, ‘Caution! May cause a wild mirage of warrior monks‘ are different.
  • Image of product packaging with noodles and a small Maggi logo.
  • Facebook logo.


  • Reduce word count. Simplify and condense message.
  • Make the background less cluttered
  • Make Maggi Fusian Pad Thai noodle box a lot larger.
  • A more prominent Maggi logo.

6 out of 10 Stars