tradies billboard.3 out of 4 billboards could learn a lesson from this Seek billboard.

Aussie job website demonstrates how an excellent billboard can be made yet still be highly effective using only the simplicity of words, bright colour and a logo.

3 out of 4 hot tradies who search online use SEEK to find a job

It’s not rocket science (or Cannon Safety Inspector), but for what it’s worth, this is a highly effective billboard that will sure to get results.


  1. Colour: You can’t miss hot pink.
  2. Large type face and easy to read font. This billboard can be seen for quite a distance
  3. Seek logo at the bottom that readily identifies the billboard with the Seek brand.
  4. It doesn’t give a website address, but instead implies it by using the words, search and online, thus simplifying the layout and use of text.
  5. The message is compelling enough for job seekers to checkout Seek’s website.

But perhaps:

  1. The sentence is a little long, and passing motorists may not have the opportunity to fully read it. Ideally this billboard is best placed in slow moving traffic areas or at traffic lights (which is where this particular board was placed).

8 out 10 stars