Samsung Galaxy S4 billboardBrowser banner adverting does not cut it in the real world

One of Samsung’s recent billboards for the Galaxy S4 mobile phone has almost made it to the completely useless billboards category and shows how website banner advertising techniques can fail when used as outdoor advertising.

Design faults in this billboard I find are:

  1. All typeface’s are way too small. The words “Live in a world of infinite possibilities.” and “Galaxy S4 | Life companion” are barely visible to pedestrians let alone to passing motorists.
  2. Samsung logo in lower right corner is too small
  3. The phone graphic is obscure and is barely recognisable as a Samsung Galaxy phone
  4. Fails the 3 second test miserably

This same advert is currently being used as banner advertising on selected webpages. Whilst, it looks good on a webpage, unfortunately this internet banner advert  translates poorly into the outdoor advertising medium as a billboard. The field of view and perceptive focus on a computer screen is vastly different to that of a pair of real eyes in an outdoor location setting.

Every dollar in advertising counts, this is opportunity wasted.

1 out 10 Stars.