bulmers-ciderThe marketing lads need to try a little harder than this.

A new billboard featuring Bulmers Original Cider.

The Bulmers billboard is ok but not great… The product itself can be seen and the words ‘Born British’ are legible albeit a little small. 75% of the board is an atmospheric black & white photo of  three English lads in a underpass. (What is this all about anyway? Are Aussies in love with all things British? I guess the advertising treads a fine line of not alienating either Aussies or the English).

The main problem with this billboard is visibility of the product name, that is, ‘BULMERS ORIGINAL CIDER’ cannot be readily seen… it’s too small and I suggest this billboard graphic should have been executed in a different manner so that brand name can be clearly seen.

Bulmer’s Original is an English apple cider made famous in the UK by H.P. Bulmer, which itself is owned by Heineken. It is distributed / bottled in Australia by Fosters.

6.5 out of 10 stars