panadol-rapidPanadol Rapid billboard fails on 5 key points

This is a recent billboard for Panadol Rapid… and it has some massive problems.

This advert may work well as a banner ad on the Internet,  or as a advert in a magazine, but it fails badly as outdoor advertising.

Problem 1:

From a distance, I see only three things:

  1. Green.
  2. Men wrestling (75% of  entire billboard is this).
  3. Yes and No check boxes.

Is this a Foxtel sport advert, political message or an advert for turf? It’s not clear this billboard has anything to with pain relief, let alone the Panadol brand.

Problem 2:

  • The Panadol box image is small and positioned too low down. In addition the Panadol box is placed at an angle, making it even harder to distinguish.
  • Poor contrasting colours: The background is green and the Panadol box is predominately green, making it extremely difficult to see.

Problem 3:

  • Little regard for the main feature….which is Panadol Rapid works twice as fast. Yes / NO check boxes?  diving young men?, the message is obscured… which leads to the next the point.

Problem 4:

  • Text is way too small for outdoor advertising. Yes / No check box does nothing. Even the main feature “Rapid pain relief so I can dive into the day, not under the doona” is difficult to read even up close and uses a terrible script typeface. Even smaller is “Panadol Rapid helps you choose YES fast

Problem 5:

  • Fails the 3 second test. This billboard cannot be seen properly by passing motorists. Remember, if you can ‘get’ the message in 3 seconds the billboard is not working.

Panadol is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline

4 out of 10 Stars.