V-energy-drinkDid the graphic designer stay up all night thinking of this? No!

Energy Drink ‘V‘ has released the new Not Orange flavour to complement its range of other ‘V” flavours.

The billboard for this product is brilliant. Yet, what seems to be quite a simple concept for a billboard, I think will be highly effective advertising… something writers of billboards should take note of.

Simplicity, here’s why:

  • Five words: “Get it While it’s Not“. Just the right amount and is easily read by passing motorists and pedestrians.
  • Ice theme type face and blue ice background which contrasts well with orange can.
  • Orange can with hand… the product itself, an orange can, which is something new.

Effective, because:

  • It can be easily seen and understood by both pedestrians and motorist. It’s HUGE!. Simple and effective.
  • Get it While it’s Not:  Play on words or clever psychological marketing? Whilst it could have said Get It While it’s HOT… it says Get It While Its NOT. The principle behind this is to introduce an interrupter into the brains’ thought process thereby creating an alternate thought pattern. The net effect will be that people may think a little more about the product and that extra thinking will hopefully lead to a sale. Though the effect may be small, it might be enough to get an edge on sales.
  • It’s new and being advertised….and for a well established product like V, there will be a Honey Moon period esp. for regular drinkers of ‘V”. New products need to be promoted you know.

V Energy Drinks are made by Frucor, a New Zealand based company.

9 out of 10 stars.