McDonalds USA Waffle Cone billboardMcDonald’s billboard. I’m Lovin’ it. But potential USA backlash?

More sweet billboards from McDonald’s. The latest is the USA Waffle Cone and has very similar styling to the recent “Sneaky Pash – Passion Fruit McFloat” billboard.

The USA Cone billboard passes all criteria of being an example of excellent outdoor advertising…because:

  • The close up of the ice cream cone, along with McDonald’s red background is highly visible by passing traffic, bus passengers and pedestrians. Perfect.
  • Large clear text, the with three keywords and the price…. USA Waffle Cone $1.95. You see it, you want it, the price is right…go buy it!
  • McDonald’s Logo in lower right corner to associate the product, it’s McDonald’s of course.
  • All these element will pass the three second rule. The billboard can beam the message into the minds of customers in 3 seconds. Now they’re lovin’ it!

The only down side I can see is the patriotic USA overtones may go down like a post GFC lead balloon for some people. The American flag and hints of the Statue of Liberty do little to stir patriotic emotions in Australia. I would have named this the ‘Liberty Cone’ and donated part proceeds to world peace, or some other topical worthwhile concern…Is this a better angle? But then again perhaps McDonald’s doesn’t get involved in politics as a general policy, I’m not sure.

9 of 10 Stars.