Apple iPad billboard...Not mind blowing stuff.iPad billboard Graphic Designer’s mind is drowning?

Have you seen Apple’s recent iPad billboard “Mind watering“? Well it’s OK for a concept but the art director looks like s/he may have been high on MacOS 7.5 at the time and needs a crash course in outdoor advertising theory.

The few issues I have with the iPad billboard are:

  1. Too much white space. Up close this advert works OK, but from a distance of 20 metres or more, this billboard is useless. This is outdoor advertising and not a screen in front of your face.
  2. Typeface is too small. Can’t see the words iPad or the Apple logo from a distance. ‘300,000 apps for everything you love’ is microscopic and could be missed even at close range from a passing pedestrian.
  3. The images of the iPad itself and hand convey very little to get excited about. In fact, what message does it convey? Is it a play on words, like mind watering from mouth watering? Or is like, watering the garden of brain and watch it grow? I’m trying to ‘Think Different‘ but come to no conclusion. Brand awareness perhaps… Apple makes iPads..yes OK then. Remember the three second rule…a billboard has three seconds to convey its message. If the message cannot be conveyed in three seconds, then it is useless. Too much ‘thinking‘ went into this design I suggest.

The billboard is OK given that it will be used in many close up style locations, but a billboard to blow your mind, not water it, is what is required.

So stick that in your brief and water it.

6 out of 10 stars