Hahn SuperDry Beer Temperature BillboardOngoing research at the Hahn Beer Labs

Hahn is reinventing beer, which is quite a challenge in itself. And at the forefront of these bold reinventions is the Hahn SuperDry Beer laboratories, which is doing stuff to beer, which have never been done before and will surely change the face of beer as we know it.

Clever marketing hype or real? Well, I’m not sure… but one thing is for certain, Hahn’s marketing people produce excellent billboards.

I like this billboard, I tell you why:

  1. There’s a giant beer with a Hahn SuperDry logo. This can be seen easily by passing motorist, pedestrians and bus passengers. Can’t go wrong with that.
  2. Large clear legible print in easy to read font. Again visible from the road and passing pedestrians. People can read and understand the message.
  3. Good graphic design. Great colour (Hahn blue) and with a sunvector background.
  4. The statement ‘We’re pioneering for perfect beer temperature‘ is interesting, it has credibility that appeals to serious beer drinkers, but in a quirky sort of way.
  5. Call to action with Facebook link at the bottom.

End result, the billboard promotes the product by itself, but also compliments the wider campaign such as the Facebook page, YouTube videos and TV commercials.

8 out of 10 stars.