McDonald's Monopoly Millionaire billboardMcDonald’s Monopoly: Eat & Grow Rich

The McDonald’s promotional steam roller keeps rolling along. Monopoly Millionaire is the latest promo happening at McDonald’s and is sure to keep cash registers ringing with eager customers wanting to eat and play.

I’ve seen two versions of the Maccas Monopoly billboard so far, both pass the ‘3 second rule’ and look legible from a passing motorist’s perspective. Nice work designers!

With recent McDonald’s promotion blitzkrieg, such as the McFlurry, and McFloat a success, this will sure to keep the promotional momentum moving along well.

So, how does this game work?

It’s easy. Order, Eat, Peel and Win. But check McDonald’s Monopoly website for a more detailed explanation.

Are there any legal, ethical or moral issues here, you know, gambling?

No of course not. This is why large multinational companies have lawyers to look after such matters and everything is sweet.