strongbowStrongbow Fruit Flavours. Like a fruit shop you can drink.

Strongbow breaks out with a range of fruity based apple and pear ciders, including kiwifruit, strawberry, mango, passion-fruit, and raspberry.

I spotted this Strongbow billboard promotion for the new product range and it works quite well. It conveys the message: New product,  Its pretty good, What the hell are you waiting for..try it!

Great imagery and layout in this billboard and certainly looks appealing. The tag line is also quite good ‘NEW Summer Fruit Flavours’. Yes.. emphasis on NEW.

I note the smaller message in lower left corner:  ‘For people over the age of 18 only’…yes it’s alcohol, just in case someone gets the wrong idea.

You can bet your bottom dollar (in your purse) that the target market is young women.