Libra tapered design billboardLibra billboard: A little too discreet perhaps?

The Libra Tapered Design billboard looks to be a study in how *NOT* to write a billboard.

What’s wrong with this design?

  1. The main text is too long and has too many words. I count 11 words and that’s too many. Remember, you have 3 seconds to get the message across to potential customers and even less from passing motorists at only 1 second or less. It’s just not possible to absorb this information in such a short time frame.
  2. The typeface or font is too small making it hard to read. Bingo, you’ve lost thousands of board views from passing traffic.
  3. The extra graphics at the bottom and the “Live Libra, Love Libra” are not distinctive enough and are also too small.
  4. The background colour (pale blue) is very bland.

I understand this billboard would be more effective in a high pedestrian area, but why is it then located in a low pedestrian area?