Crown Casino Perth billboardThe huge Crown Perth billboard has arrived

Perth’s biggest billboard has been erected announcing ‘Crown Perth has arrived‘. It’s currently stuck on the side of a building in Adelaide Terrace and it’s a monster!

I’m estimating the size of this billboard is 35 metres wide by 40 metres high.

Strictly speaking, the fanfare is about a change of name from the Burswood Island Resort to Crown Perth, but it’s being treated as reopening and something new.

I’m thinking, to get permission to erect such a billboard of this magnitude in Perth it must have taken some serious lobbying of the various state and local governments. But of course a simple reminder of how much revenue is brought into state government coffers from the various taxes, licensing fees, employment, tourism etc etc by the operations of Crown Perth and permission will be granted quicker than you can say state election.  But somehow, I don’t think we’ll see a Kit Kat billboard in this position for a while.

Is it really that big?

By world standards, not really. Bigger billboards are regularly seen in many Asian cities such as Bangkok, advertising everything from cars to instant noodles.