Billboard for Macca's passionfruit McfloatMutliple pashing of the customer is McDonald’s tactic.

What is a Passion Fruit McFloat?

McDonald’s (note: they like to be called Macca’s now) continues with its ‘New Aussie Range’…and included is the Passionfruit McFloat, which is essentially frozen Fanta with added passion fruit. Sounds appealing.

These bus stop adverts are appearing everywhere and I have a strong feeling Macca’s (formerly known as  McDonald’s) is winning the fast food desert and drink war this summer.

The adverting strategy is sound, and they seem to be using the ‘proxima hammer method’, that is placing billboards in the same proximity of each other, whereby it’s likely to be viewed multiple times, which hammers home the message. This trains your brain and improves memory retention… long story, but eventually this results in a sale…hopefully. Elementary marketing 101.