Nurofen Zavance billboardNurofen Zavance… The grey is a little over whelming.

This Nurofen Zavance billboard was recently spotted in a headache prone area…and, without doubt, Nurofen will be on the shopping lists of stressed people who find no relief from paracetamol or aspirin based products.

To make clear, Nurofen is an ibuprofen based pain relief product, unlike the usual paracetamol and aspirin based formulas that have been around for many years. Not that ibuprofen is new, from reading the Nurofen website (see link below), ibuprofen has been around since the 1960’s.  But it’s only in recent times, has it been available without prescription and on supermarket shelves.

Those colours…

I’m not a big fan of the grey colours used through out the Nurofen advertising and packaging, surely a brighter colour would be more marketable?