mcdonalds pavlova mcflurryHurry. Consume this Pavlova McFlurry in three seconds.

The marketing people at Mcdonald’s or those hired to do the marketing know that to focus advertising on a new product, no matter how small it is, makes for good for business.

Smash a Pav today.

The Pavlova McFlurry billboard is a great example of this. Brightly coloured with easy reading text, the billboard is visually appealing …and given that the message has to be absorbed within 3 seconds (you know the 3 second rule right?), I would suggest the Pavlova McFlurry billboards are highly effective at getting customers heading towards the nearest McDonald’s restaurant for a ‘Pav’ and other more profitable menu items. Nice work boys.

But, of course it doesn’t need to be as scientific as that. Kids in the back seat of the car see the sign and simply say to parents, ‘Can we get a Pavlova McFlurry?’.

Apprentice billboard installers first day on the job?

Mcdonalds Oreo SundaeNot bad, Son..but go easy on the glue next time… ok.

McDonald’s Oreo Cookie Sundae.

Like Sundays Only Sweeter & Spelled Differently“. Gee it’s a bit of mouthful (the words I mean). Any suggestions for a better catchphrase?

And of course is it ‘Spelled‘ or ‘Spelt‘?