Coke 'The Heat is On' BillboardLet the good times roll.

The heat certainly is on and Coke is striking back with a major promotional campaign this summer.

Coke is getting in early with plenty of advertising such as the billboard above and is no doubt part of an all encompassing strategy.

Interestingly, the above billboard almost looks like some classic Coke advertising done from the 1970?s, with imagery of good times, beach settings and youthfulness.

So what’s the story?

50 Songs, 75 years and QR codes, is what it’s all about. You buy a Coke,  it has a QR code on it, you scan the code on your smartphone… and then it you to listen to 50 song from the year stamped on the label. So if you want to listen to songs from 1975, then grab a can or bottle with 1975 on it. Get it?

Can I listen to Frank Sinatra , Johnnie Ray and Pat Boon?

Yes. Well sort of. Pat Boon has been black listed thankfully but it also depends on the licensing of the music. I’m guessing most songs are there.