Nicabate minisNicabate Minis: It’s a Lozenge.

From a distance, this Nicabate Minis billboard almost has Cadbury’s confectionary style to it, in particular the colouring and ribbon effect. But then again I should get my eyes checked.

What are Nicabate Mini’s?

Nicabate has long been famous for its quit smoking patches which release nicotine slowly into body to reduce the nicotine craving associated with quitting cigarettes. However, Nicabate Minis are different. These are a type lozenge which contain nicotine that dissolve in your mouth, thus releasing nicotine…as the advertise says: ‘Just One With My Coffee’.

Effective Outdoor Advertising?

Yes. Works well on bus stops and for pedestrian traffic areas. A bit hard to see for passing motorist though.