Love more Oomph by ShellTranslator please?

Shell Australia is putting some Oomph into outdoor advertising with these large red ‘LoVe more Oomph’ billboards being put up in selected areas. This one is located in a very busy intersection of Perth’s  industrial suburb of Welshpool and is sure to be seen by many thousands of passing motorists per day.

I’m guessing research has suggested the demographic of passing motorists at this intersection is favourable for V-Power petrol sales…that is male, 20-40 years old, average to above average income, owner of a high performance vehicle and petrol head tendencies.

What the heck is V-Power?

Well, from Shell’s website, V-Power is a high-octane race bred petrol, designed to make your car go faster, along with other benefits such cleaning the deposits from the inlet valves.

Where do you buy it?

At selected Coles Express / Shell petrol stations.