billboardNo fancy graphics here. Logo and catchphrase does it for

Aussie car classified website, is putting the marketing and promotional pedal to the metal with billboards like the one above….and location is the key strategy for this billboard.

Situated in Perth’s premier car yard district of Albany Highway Victoria Park, this billboard, squarely targets potential car buyers who as they are cruising past, will no doubt notice the billboard.

The billboard itself is fairly plain using only a white background, logo and catchphrase.  The clear type face is easy to read, though I’m sure most people are already aware of the carsales website, but this billboard is a good reminder for buyers in the used car market to check the online market. With smartphones commonplace these days, savvy purchasers will be checking the website as they look at real cars in real car yards.

Are car dealers worried?

Hell no! The only people who are worried are those in the old fashioned print media publications business.