Optus 4g BillboardWarning: Optus 4G may cause facial distortion.

With release of Optus 4G network services in selected parts of Australia, Optus has set about advertising their new service in a typical Optus style. Optus has traditionally used animals in its adverts (elephants, rhinos, giraffes etc) …and often adverts have been somewhat art house and surreal in style with a touch of humour. But recently, Optus has been featuring a yellow box in TV commercials and billboards, such as the billboard above, spotted in Perth recently.

Optus is a major player in the Aussie telco market, competing with major rival Telstra along with a host of smaller players. It’s a tough business so adverting is a critical element and this is one thing Optus does very well. Make no mistake, Optus spends a lot on advertising and looks like they have the very best of advertising agencies handling their account. The advertising Optus does, sets the standard for its competitors.

Optus adverts often focus on sophisticated symbolism and imagery, which at times can be confusing, but I guess the target market can identify with it (I hope). The animals and yellow boxes are differentiating Optus from the competition.

Out with the animals and bring in the yellow box. What does the yellow Optus box mean?

  • Well, it’s yellow which one of the colours associated with Optus.
  • It’s translucent, it has six sides, so it might suggest a form of technology.
  • It’s simple. Simple things are good.
  • There is a hand underneath the box, so it might mean a form of high technology you can fit in your hand.
  • It’s a brand icon!

No doubt the Optus marketing boffins are embarking on advanced marketing techniques with a long-term strategy here…But will it work? I have a feeling it will.

A closer look at the billboard…

Search for Optus 4G

And ‘Yes’, a search of Optus 4G on Google has it ranked in first position. Nice SEO work.

Check out the making of one of Optus’ recent television commercials. Quite a production… I found interesting and creative. It goes to show Optus has a big budget when comes to advertising.