Extra Chewing Gum billboardSugar bad boys are coming to take your teeth away

“What you gonna chew when they come for you?” proclaims the Wrigley’s Extra billboard so ‘Eat Drink Chew’

This incredibly well constructed promotion for Wrigley’s Extra chewing gum is text-book advertising at its greatest. The promotional campaign focuses on the topic of sugar being the ‘bad boy’,  rotting your teeth (the problem). However, Wrigley’s subtly points out benefits of chewing gum,  that show it to have positive dental health benefits…hence a solution is presented to the consumer.

Supported by a stack of clever television commercials with a catchy song,  and of course billboards like the one above,  it looks like an extremely effective promotion. The song used in Wrigley’s Extra chewing gum television advert, ‘Bad Boys’ is by reggae band, Inner Circle.

Wrigley’s website points out scientific studies claiming chewing gum can have benefits to teeth and gums, such as reducing pH and acids, so it’s no wonder Wrigley’s have seized upon this aspect to further promote its products. This would seem quite credible even to a layman. Though this research in nothing new, Wrigley’s promoting its gum around this fact,  I think is an excellent idea.

Will this promotion work?

I reckon it will be a killer. Considering the cost of dental care in Australia many people will see a potential financial and health benefit by chewing gum.


  • The Wrigley’s Extra billboard by itself doesn’t do a great job as a stand alone promotional product. From a distance, the billboard is a little hard to see especially to passing motorists,  which is perhaps a lost opportunity I felt. What is this donut, coffee and potato looking thing?  The words “Eat Drink Chew” in large letters would be more effective in this case. Perhaps there are more billboards to come on this. Not withstanding, the campaign overall is awesome.
  • Promoting chewing gum as a way to healthier teeth, may also give a boost to the competitors chewing gum, not just Wrigley’s. (is there any competition?)