Hungry Jacks Chicken Mini's billboardFine print states guaranteed NOT to make your butt explode!

Last month we saw Hungry Jack’s introduce a new range of mini twin bun style burgers with several variations of cheese burger. And now the theme continues with Chicken ‘Mini’s’. That is, the twin style bun again but with a chicken patty inside. These are similar to the original, larger and regular burger on offer.

From what I’ve read here, the burger trials and the US versions by Burger King have been rather successful…. and as the old saying goes , when you’re on good thing, stick to it and keep doing that.

Television commercials are supported by billboards like the one seen here. Check the television commercial on YouTube here.

So why is this burger so small?

It’s simple really. It’s all to do with marketing. If you can’t make it healthier, then make it smaller! Reduce the amount of food, reduce the calories and reduce the guilt factor and increase the turnover.

Fast food is a competitive business in Australia, and the market has somewhat changed to that of the 1980’s and 1990’s where traditional burgers and menu once ruled. Have you noticed how quiet  Hungry Jack’s now are, especially in suburban stores? Stores in major shopping centres and central business districts still do ok, but the average stand alone suburban store is looking pretty tired.