McDonald's Lamb Taster billboardMary had a little Lamb…then McDonald’s cooked it

McDonald’s Australia has launched its new range of ‘Lamburgers’. For a limited time (till November) Maccas is offering two variations of lamb based burgers: The  Serious Lamb Taster wrap and the Serious Lamb Burger. The Serious Lamb Taster Wrap is pictured in the above billboard, which costs $3 and is somewhat smaller than the burger.

Aussie Rules football legend, Sam Kekovich acting as ‘Lambassador’ appears in the MacDonald’s television commercials, albeit slightly eccentric, he is verging on being the ‘new’ Sir Les Patterson.

Television commercials are followed up with of course billboards…the above bus stop billboard was spotted in Perth’s suburb of Victoria Park. Very nice with the wool background and shepherds staff.

Yes, New Zealand also…

Not only is Australia getting the lamb trial, but New Zealand also. Checkout the YouTube video (in the weblinks below) of Anzco, the food company that is manufacturing the lamb patty in Waitara, Taranaki for McDonald’s of New Zealand. I’m not sure who makes the lamb patties in Australia. (Is the NZ version better?)

Will these lamb burgers ever return after the trial?

I’ll have a punt, and say…YES! These lamb burgers will return in the future. McDonald’s often trials new products…some stay, while some completely vanish never to be seen again.

This is the sort creative thinking, and experimentation with new products that will keep McDonald’s in the forefront of the fast food business.

Now let us pray there will be no sacrificial lamb.