Pepsie Max Kick Yawning In The MouthNo more napping for you. Pepsi Max billboard gets kicking.

Recently spotted: Pepsi Max Kick billboard promoting Pepsi Max ‘Double Shot’ size can with double the caffeine! Pepsi Max has two times the amount of caffeine when compared to tired ol’ regular and Diet Pepsi and is now touted as the drink to wake you up.

Pepsi has boldly promoted the higher caffeine content and taste aspect in these series of adverts rather than the beaten to death no sugar line, which is a refreshing change. In addition, this promotion offered Pepsi to visit your work place, featuring high kicking ‘Pepsi Girls’ and no doubt plenty of free samples (of Pepsi that is).

Overall, I like this billboard, it’s quite different from the usual type of adverts for cola drinks, it’s a simple focused message of drink Pepsi Max to stay awake.