Subway $7 Big Breakfast BillboardSubway’s billboard joins the battle for breakfast

Subway.  If there was ever an analogy between fast food and pop music then Subway is the Jackson Five of fast food. Young, fresh and a healthy alternative, wrapped in outrageous packaging the whole family can enjoy. Don’t stop till you eat enough.

Recent promotions of Subway Foot Long sub’s for $7 ‘with the works’  have now been joined a breakfast menu which includes a 500ml Dare Ice Coffee all for $7.

Subway is one of Australia’s fastest growing fast food franchisees with some 1300 stores located over Australia…and with a menu for an increasingly health conscious consumer, along with a novel approach to making sub’s in-store, they are on a winner. Subway franchisees are no doubt smiling all the way to the bank.

Interestingly, the first Subway store in Australia opened in Perth in 1988, and only a few hundred metres from where I photographed this billboard.