After Four Wives, is this is what you look like?Ladies, if you were married to this man, perhaps the drink should be named For Wives.

At first glance I thought this was man was a Tasmanian, but no, he is in fact a representation of James Squire, Australia’s first commercial brewer of beer. A strange name for a beer, but Four Wives beer is just one in the selection of James Squire beers on offer by craft brewer, Malt Shovel.

Seems that James Squire, was originally transported to Australia on the first fleet as a convict and led quite wild life in Sydney in the 1800’s having one wife and  three mistresses, hence the name Four Wives.

The story of James Squire life explained by beer.

Who needs books and videos…everything can be explained with beer. The marketers of James Squire beer have chosen explain this mans life using a wacky concept, each beer has a fanciful story of his life, adventures, and tales printed on the back of the bottle. Believe me, someone at Malt Shovel brewery has an over active imagination…thumbs up!

James Squire loved adventure and brewing fine beers, but even more than that he loved women, having a wife and three mistresses throughout his life. He left all of them something in his will, but thankfully we got the beer.

Some of the other beers in the series are: Stow Away, Jack of Spades, The Chancer, Nine Tales & Sun Down.

Malt Shovel is owned by Lion.