Hungry Jacks Mini billboard at bus stopHungry Jack’s new Mini. Billboardspotter exclusive investigation

Everyone loves a good mystery, and Hungry Jack’s have created big small one with their recent billboard: ‘Mini. The New Big’.

After much research (At the local Hungry Jack’s dealer network), I’ve uncovered the facts about this strange new burger. READ ON!

Exclusive Investigation by Billboardspotter:

1. Find.

First stop was my local Jack’s store. It was easy to find with its distinctive red-yellow-red logo. Overseas visitors might know these stores as Burger King… I once saw a Burger King Store in Singapore and it was amazing!

 Hungry Jack's burger makin' jointHungry Jack’s Store. South Perth.

2. Purchase.

Big trouble. As I tried to locate this  burger on the main menu above the counter…. it could not be seen! How can I order?

So I left!

But as I was leaving, a giant banner in my face announced ‘New MINI’s’…so returned at once and banged on the counter and said… give me a ‘MINI’ and not the car, please.

3. Analysis

Back at Billboardspotter laboratories we put the ‘MINI’ through the standard tests:


With a name like MINI, I had my electron microscope warmed up and ready… but no need, I could easily use my builders tape measure.

Hungry Jack's MINI measurementsHungry Jack’s MINI being measured for length.

Hungry Jack's Mini goes on the scaleWeighing in the Hungry Jack’s Mini with Digital Scales.

4. Results.


  • Size: 140mm (Long) x 70mm (Wide)
  • Weight: 134 grams net
  • Price: $2.65
  • Composition: Bread bun (shape like breasts hehe), beef patty, cheese, mustard.

 5. Taste.

Bread was fresh and soft. Cheese & Beef patty good. Mustard gave it some bite. Overall good. Could do with more varieties (there was only one other). I would like Hungry Jack’s to create a vegetarian version of this, which I think would be great.