Quicksales billboard sell anything for freeQuicksales tempts ‘fee challenged’ eBayers to make a change

Online classified & auction website, Quicksales.com.au has recently taken to the real world of billboard advertising with a catch phrase of  ‘Sell anything for FREE’  …and it has the big daddy of auction websites, eBay, in its sights.

Quicksales.com.au was formerly known as OZtion…and thank god they changed their name to something more pronounceable. The company backing Quicksales is none other than Carsales.com.au which itself is part owned by PBL Media and it looks like they want more of the online auction and classified business.

Behind those innocent words of ‘Sell anything for FREE’ is a clever strategy on part of Quicksales. Being the underdog in the online auction and classified arena, Quicksales is keen to offer itself as a real alternative to eBay Australia. If you don’t know it, but one of the biggest gripes eBay sellers have had with eBay Australia over the last few years is the sellers fees. Some recent alterations to the final value and listing fees for eBay saw the final value fee increased from 5.25% up to 7.9% …which will have not pleased many eBay sellers …and for some of them, could be the final straw. Quicksales.com.au is trying hard to tip the balance in their favour. But the seller fees are no doubt what makes eBay so profitable …and has been the basis of the eBay business model ever since the 1990’s.

Given that eBay Australia has over 5 million registered users versus Quicksales 500,000 users, it might seem like an opportunity for Quicksales to muscle in on the eBay user base. However, despite the increased fees of eBay, the bigger market place of eBay does offer advantages over the smaller Quicksales site, for buyers and sellers. Sellers will reach a wider number of customers (including overseas customers), so there is potential for better sales on eBay. I guess for many eBay sellers, this is a compelling reasons to stick with eBay, its like having a business partner, and you gotta pay your partner.

Time will tell and we shall see…