McDonalds one dollar fries billboardLoose Change or Lose Change?

McDonald’s latest promotion is the ‘Loose Change Menu’. I hate to be critical of this campaign, but just like the McDonald’s Olympic Opening promo, it lacks imagination, treats its potential customers as idiots and does nothing to stem the flow of┬ápeople┬áto McDonald’s competitors.

You have to ask yourself… will one dollar fries encourage new customers to enter a McDonald’s store? It appears to be yet another McDonald’s campaign that’s missed the mark…. the only positive aspect of this I can see so far is reinforcement of brand awareness. Yes, McDonald’s is still in business.

Glad I’m not a McDonald’s franchisee. But within those subliminal words of ‘Loose CHANGE MENU’ ….is a vital clue. And by the way, it’s 2012 in Australia.