Maggi Fusian instant noodles as eaten by Zen MastersMaggi accountants prepare….but first grasshopper, you must Kumite


‘Eat the Noodle, Live the Noodle’ proclaims the latest billboard advertisement for Maggi Fusian instant noodles.

One word sums up everything about this Maggi billboard – SURREAL

Looking more like a move poster for a Hong Kong movie I was expecting to see Jackie Chan’s smiling face somewhere along with a typical foot in the face scene… but instead we have bespectacled accountant Zen masters (no doubt Maggi accountants from Singapore) in outrageous gold suits practicing on rocks… the expression on the token caucasian’s face was an image you can’t forget easily…  and mentally saying WTF!!!!!! is this?

But of course there is more. Checkout the Maggi’s Facebook page, where you can put the words to a short Kung Fu film entitled ‘Fists of Fusian’

Actually it’s a pretty cool advert I must admit (Disclosure: I’m being paid to say that…Cheque is in the mail apparently).