Break & Win Kit Kat BillboardFind red inside? Hmm I don’t like these communist overtones.

 Yes, Kit Kat, the chocolate bar invented by the English, and famous for not having a night club named after it, is breaking out with a $10,000 cash give-away promotion… just in case you chocolate bar munching purveyors have forgotten to keep to buying it.

If there is one consistent in life, it’s Kit Kat….

Some interesting facts about Kit Kat:

  • Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin took one to the moon and ate it in space.
  • Spitfire Pilots were issued with Kit Kat during World War II to bribe german soldiers if captured.
  • The black market in Kit Kats in the former Soviet Union was estimated to be $10 million US per year during the cold war.
  • Indonesian police can be bribed with Kit Kats in Jakarta.
  • The Beatles recorded a song about Kit Kat, but later changed it to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
  • Andy Warhol intended to create a 30 foot Kit Kat bar made from concrete, however he could not get a permit from the City of New York.
  • Kit Kats were banned in South Africa during apartheid.
  • A pallet load of Kit Kats were discovered in a secret tunnel under the former Berlin wall during the 1990’s.
  • Cuban strongman & leader Fidel Castro is said to relax with a cigar, coffee and Kit Kat.
  • English 1970’s rock band ‘The Sweet’ were offered to change their name to ‘The Kit Kats’ for a cash payment. The offer was refused.
  • The longest Kit Kat ever made was 3 feet long as a one-off promotion in 1976.
  • A study of sheep in New Zealand has shown sheep fed with Kit Kat, produce superior quality wool.
  • A Kit Kat, half eaten by Madonna was reportedly sold at auction for $20,000.
  • Former presidents Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan shared a Kit Kat after dinner during disarmament negotiations during the late 1980’s.
  • Somali pirates once hijacked a container ship in the Indian Ocean but left peacefully after stealing only 200kg of Kit Kat’s.
  • Kit Kat wrappers from the 1950’s and 1960’s are considered collectible items and can fetch prices of up to $100US on Ebay.
  • Cabaret singer Liberace was once struck in groin with a Kit Kat during a concert in Las Vegas after which he commented “Do that again and I’ll sing’

YES! All of this is completely UNTRUE!