CBA billboard canA campaign based on a simple 3 letter word. Will this work for Commonwealth Bank?

I love bank advertisements. $ome of them are the most creative in the industry. The Commonwealth Bank has recently launched its new ‘Can’ campaign with much fanfare and has included a prelude of ‘Can’t’ advertisements then changing it to a ‘Can’. I can’t recall seeing any of the ‘Can’t’ adverts around Perth, but did I see the ‘Can’ billboard put up in Welshpool this week.

Naturally, the billboard is only part of bigger advertisement strategy which includes television commercials, print media adverts and online advertising such as the Can website. Hope the TV ads get better the one featuring Toni Collette.

God knows how they got hold of the 3 letter URL CAN.COM.AU… 3 letter URL’s are worth a banks fortune… must renting this one from a lucky domain name owner, I reckon.