Macdonalds Olympic billboard features the 'Sydney' BurgerDeserves a punch in the kisser

An upset in the fast food Olympics, with McDonalds releasing a very lame oh lame billboard. Hard to believe with the marketing resources of such a large company, they would come up with such a bland and unimaginative advertising strategy.

Not only is the billboard bland, checking out the McDonalds website shows they are naming several menu items after past Olympic cities, such as the Sydney Stack, Barcelona omelette, Atlanta Pork McRib, Beijing Chicken… my god… some one in McDonalds needs to take a mandatory drug test me thinks.

Considering the fast food market is more competitive than ever, with Subway outlets popping up everywhere like mushrooms, and alternatives like pizza are increasingly dominant, someone at the Golden Arches marketing department must think this is the 1970’s / 80’s where burgers ruled.

What an opportunity thrown away.