Cash Converters BillboardAll Cash Converters items are now cleaned and free from stigma

There was time, when I remember buying secondhand stuff was the way to go, and only snobs bought new gear. 

But times have changed, blame the cashed up mining bogans and the fashionable boutique mindset attitude of many Australians who only buy ‘new’.

Of course, there is the favourable Australian exchange rate making new items quite cheap also, and not to mention online buy/sell sites such as Gumtree and eBay which don’t help Cash Converters physical stores.

Above is one of Cash Converters latest billboards spotted recently, encouraging customers back to shop at their stores.

Though Cashies, originated in Australia, they are increasingly international focused. I happened to come across one of Cash Converters Malaysian stores in Kuala Lumpur recently:

Cash Converters KL MalaysiaCash Converters store at Taman SEA Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia