Alinta, gas bagging again about its customer serviceAlinta takes the focus off high gas bills

Spin doctors have been summons to alintaenergy after no doubt, mounting complaints by householders over ever increasing gas bills. Not that Alinta is singled out, most of the other utilities have come under heavy criticism also.

As usual, spin doctors will used the true and tried tactic of taking the focus off the main issue (high bills) and onto another more positive aspect, which in this case is customer service. Though I tend to think customer service was never an issue at Alinta anyway, never the less, they are now pushing this angle of the business.

Come on don’t be so polite, I would like to see something more blunt like this: ‘These pipes and infrastructure don’t maintain itself. Alintaenergy, plugging gas leaks and blowouts’

Anyway, this particular bus shelter billboard was spotted on Albany Highway, East Victoria Park.