Amazing billboards from around the world

Seek hammers home the message

Seek billboard Job Hunting season Now Open…And so is advertising season.

Aussie job website Seek ( has once again been promoting their website by using traditional billboard advertising. The message is clear…Job Hunting Season Now Open.

Seek is no stranger to using we’ve seen it in the past, with the 3 out of 4 tradies billboard.

Tell them again and again…and again.

An old adage in billboard adverting, advertise well and advertise often. Repeating the message, time after time really hammers home the message. It helps commit the brand to memory in the mind of the consumer thus making a difference when decision time comes around. So, is it Seek.. or the competition you will choose?

Billboard advertising works for websites.

Forget your fancy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) black hat magic tricks, that’s for wankers. Nothing works better than a billboard to drive traffic to your website. Think of it as brute force SEO.

Will this billboard work?

Yes it will and here’s why:

  • Colour: You can’t miss that pink colour. Even the blind can see this. It’s a little garish, like some nightmare cross between Hello Kitty and Barbie. But despite that, you can’t miss it.. which is exactly what is called for.
  • Passes the 3 second rule. Easily read and understood, by both passing motorists and pedestrians.
  • Seek logo is well placed in the lower centre bottom and well sized.
  • Message is both amusing and effective.

Advertising gurus have got their mojo working. Looks like a winner to me.

9 out 10 Stars

Apple iPhone 5C billboard: When less is more.

iphone5cApple iPhone 5C: Here it is! …well, that’s it.

Apple iPhone advertising has gone berserk and I’ve spotted this recent iPhone 5C billboard. It’s a pretty nice billboard but two things stand out, the phone itself and the lack of words (Steve Jobs would love this minimalist approach). But despite this, it shouts loudly at people on the street and asks them to make up their own mind. I won’t say much either, but will this billboard work?

Yes it will work…here’s why:

  • Bright colour: Pink. It’s not hot pink, but stands out like a light house on a stormy sea of mobile phone marketing. You can’t miss it.
  • Product on show: It’s a new iPhone, here it is, this is what you’re going buy.
  • Apple logo and iPhone 5C words: The Apple logo clearly defines this billboard as an Apple billboard…and the product is an iPhone 5C. Black text is used for this, making it easy to read and can be understood in under three seconds. This is an excellent outdoor advertisement.

In my opinion, this billboard will have a positive effect on sales of the iPhone 5C. I just hope when a customer walks into an iPhone store they won’t be greeted in silence and handed an iPhone 5 to consider…whilst the sales person wanders off.

8 out of 10 Stars.

Scoot breaks the billboard cherry in Perth

Scoot billboard. Perth to Singapore for $169Was it done using a Microsoft Publisher Template? But how it works so well.

Low cost Singaporean airline Scoot is now flying a new route from Perth to Singapore starting December 2013. $169AUD is all it costs to get you out of the wild west Aussie city to civilized Singapore. But it’s a competitive market so Scoot needs to do advertising that gets noticed.. and one method being utilized is billboard advertising. It’s a no frills billboard which resembles something that has been whipped up on Microsoft Publisher by the 17yo office girl…so will this template billboard get passengers on board, in the air and out of Perth?

Price is central

The first thing I notice on this billboard is the price. It’s a budget airline, so price is an important factor. $169 in large typeface is positioned in the center of the board where it’s going to be seen. Very good.

Singapore humour

“Don’t arrive in Singa poor“. Well, it’s an awful pun but what the heck, it’s funny.

Three colours

Yellow, black and white. These are great contrasting colours and contribute highly to visibility.

Three second rule pass

The billboard can seen and understood in under three seconds by both passing traffic and pedestrians, and that’s a big plus.


It looks like ready made template out of Microsoft Publisher, but despite this it’s actually a pretty effective billboard for conveying Scoot’s advertising message, thus proving the effectiveness of a simple layout, good choice of colours and appropriate size typeface.


8 out of 10 Stars

Lipton Sparkling Ice Tea with a twist of subliminal advertsing

Lipton Ice tea Sparkling Subliminal AdvertisingLipton Subliminal Advertising. Can you see it?

This new Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling billboard has been spotted recently and it’s certainly got a twist. The top of the board features a very quirky not so subliminal advertising buy it message encouraging you to purchase Lipton tea. Of course its tongue in cheek and just a bit of fun. But is there method in their madness?

Bright & catchy

The billboard certainly catches the eye in three ways:

  1. Bright colours. Yellow, red and blue all work well together. A blind man couldn’t miss the Lipton billboard.
  2. Prominent display of the two cans. Yes, this is what you’ll see on the shelf.
  3. The words “Subliminal Advertising Buy It Buy It”. It’s weird, but maybe not so silly after all. Buy it.  It’s a great mental thought disruptor. It makes the viewer stop, think, and look again! So perhaps it really does have some subliminal effects.

The Lipton logo can be easily seen and in addition it has a well positioned red “New” badge.  Graphic design overall is excellent.

Long distance viewing is superb and can be well seen by passing traffic… thus making it an effective outdoor advertisement billboard.

If only beer advertisers were allowed to use subliminal advertising this way.

8 out of 10 Stars

Specsavers billboard lacks outdoor vision

Specsavers Optometrists billboardSpecSavers:  Not focused on outdoor advertising?

Specsavers Optometrists recent promotional campaign has all the usual bells and whistles and with it includes billboard advertising. This large building top mounted billboard caught my not so lazy eye and being a billboard for spectacles, one would imagine it to be optimized for people with poor eye sight. Have they deliberately made it hard to see or was this just another short sighted use of print media being used as a billboard? Ok put your glasses on… let’s have closer look.

Is it good?

Well, it’s ok. The words Specsavers Optometrists are quite visible even over a distance. Having the business name seen is worth a few points at least.

But unfortunately…

The billboard graphic looks like it has been lifted directly from a print media advert, which makes it optimized for close up viewing rather than for outdoor advertising.


The catch phrase of No.1 for Eye Tests is a little too small and difficult to read I felt, especially considering the target market may have poor eye sight. In addition, the concept of green shirted people standing to form a pair of glasses is almost lost due to the green background of grass.


Much of the billboard is simply wasted space, showing green grass and rolling hills… are they try to promote a Specsavers golf course?

6 out of 10 Stars

Clear reception for Vodafone billboard

Vodafone more bar surfboards billboardWelcome to the new Vodafone.

Vodafone Australia has embarked on a campaign of addressing the issues its had in the past with mobile network coverage. Now that’s all fixed (right?) Vodafone is letting Australia know of the exciting changes ahead. One clever billboard I spotted recently tackles Vodafone’s coverage issue head on in an amusing way. So what’s the verdict on this billboard?

The billboard shows surfboards lined up to mimic signal strength bars similar to what’s seen on a mobile phone screen. This is pure creative genius and I love to see more billboards with this level of imagination. But not only this, it also makes for a very effective outdoor advertising billboard.

Key points in the billboard design:

  • Vodafone logo prominently dsiplayed at the top
  • The words: Vodafone, now with more bars in more places
  • Coloured background under the text in Vodafone Red
  • The surfboards on beach picture

The billboard is easy read from a distance and can be understood in under three seconds (essential for fast moving traffic). The red colouring and logo immediatley associates the billboard with Vodafone and the surfboards lined up as signal strength bars tops it off. Simply brilliant.

This is an excellent billboard, demonstrating that using  imagination and a basic understanding of outdoor advertising ,a great billboard can be created which will sure to be effective and get the message across from many view points.

9.5 of 10 stars

iPad makes for art gallery billboard

Apple iPad art gallery billboardiPad billboard. Risky design?

Apple is well regarded for its innovative IT and phone products, however recent iPad billboards struggled with effective concepts of outdoor advertising techniques. The most recent billboard has a repositioned and more prominent logo with some new artistic images. Will this work or is it another billboard opportunity lost?

Will it work?

Given that a billboard on average has three seconds to convey a message to passing pedestrians and traffic, what does this iPad billboard convey then? One redeeming aspect of the iPad billboard is the well positioned Apple logo and words of iPad in the upper right side of the board. The billboard does at least promote product and brand awareness by having these. The artistic pictures look interesting, it appeals to the creative and artistic demographic perhaps…but the images fail to capture the essence, excitement and brilliance of the iPad itself. I really think this space could have been far more effectively used to promote key attributes of the iPad.


However, the design of this iPad billboard is risky. This billboard would be an easy one to miss in fast moving traffic such as those is cars and by pedestrians in high distraction environments. A board of white and few arty pictures doesn’t mean a thing if the Apple logo and iPad words have failed to be seen. The design therefore suits slower moving and low distraction environments to be effective.

Perhaps, the designers of this billboard should have opted for a different approach. Visibility is paramount. Billboards need to be designed for the environment they are working in. The three second rule is high on the list of priorities.

6 out of  10 Stars.

Maggi Pad Thai Noodles billboard served lukewarm.

maggi-fusian-padthaiMy noodles are cold and so is this billboard.

Maggi Fusian Pad Thai noodles billboard was spotted recently. What does think?

This is a reasonable billboard, but not great. It’s almost like this billboard has been lifted from some internet advertising banner, and whilst it will work well on a webpage, the medium of outdoor advertising  requires a different approach. Outdoor advertising must contend with many different degrees of distractions, so a billboard must at the least be effective enough to gain the attention of people passing by and then be understood.

Yes, close up this billboard looks impressive, witty and colourful…but remember, its job is to sell the product. Does it do that? I think it’s too cerebral and complex for outdoor advertising and a simpler approach would have been more effective.

Key aspects:

  • Ties in with Maggi’s ‘Fists of Fusian’ promotion.
  • Good use of colour and certainly catches the eye from a distance.
  • The words, ‘Caution! May cause a wild mirage of warrior monks‘ are different.
  • Image of product packaging with noodles and a small Maggi logo.
  • Facebook logo.


  • Reduce word count. Simplify and condense message.
  • Make the background less cluttered
  • Make Maggi Fusian Pad Thai noodle box a lot larger.
  • A more prominent Maggi logo.

6 out of 10 Stars

Vodafone 4G billboard displays strong signal

Vodafone 4G lightning fast billboardBrilliant design & artwork. Electron microscope needed to read fine print.

Vodafone is promoting its new 4G mobile service , I recently saw this particular Vodafone 4G billboard.

Overall this is quite a good billboard and I reckon it will give good results to the promotion of Vodafone’s 4G service.

The good points:

  • Excellent use of colour. Black and red really contrast well.
  • Interesting 4G graphic. The 4G lightning effects certainly draws attention to this board.
  • Simple straight forward message: “Vodafone 4G. Lightning fast. Power to you“. This is an excellent, short and sharp message.
  • Vodafone logo is prominently displayed which associates the board with the Vodafone brand easily. Thinking not required.
  • Board can be seen by passing traffic and passes the three second test easily, and of course also appeals to pedestrians.

Possible Improvements:

  • I’d make the Vodafone logo larger and position it so it’s the second item the eye sees when viewing this board. The 4G graphic is visual bait and is the first thing seen… So, positioning the logo closely to the 4G graphic would be the way to go. Position to either the lower right corner, or to the right of the Power to you words would be my suggestion.

8 out of 10 stars.

Seek looks for tradies in pink tradies billboard.3 out of 4 billboards could learn a lesson from this Seek billboard.

Aussie job website demonstrates how an excellent billboard can be made yet still be highly effective using only the simplicity of words, bright colour and a logo.

3 out of 4 hot tradies who search online use SEEK to find a job

It’s not rocket science (or Cannon Safety Inspector), but for what it’s worth, this is a highly effective billboard that will sure to get results.


  1. Colour: You can’t miss hot pink.
  2. Large type face and easy to read font. This billboard can be seen for quite a distance
  3. Seek logo at the bottom that readily identifies the billboard with the Seek brand.
  4. It doesn’t give a website address, but instead implies it by using the words, search and online, thus simplifying the layout and use of text.
  5. The message is compelling enough for job seekers to checkout Seek’s website.

But perhaps:

  1. The sentence is a little long, and passing motorists may not have the opportunity to fully read it. Ideally this billboard is best placed in slow moving traffic areas or at traffic lights (which is where this particular board was placed).

8 out 10 stars